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Hello Community,

 Like to thank the ArcheAge member base for a successful head start during these past 4 days.   It has not been easy with the server issues but we as a community have managed outstandingly set a foothold on the server and get established as a guild.  

You have shown great teamwork and helpfulness and I'am positive it will only get better as we keep going on and become a respected and powerful guild.  

To those that will join us today in Release we are eagerly waiting for you and hope you'll join us in having fun and have a great experience.  

And for you to know what we been doing during head start is we managed to gain a nice chunk of land and in the mist of finishing up the large farms / farm cottage and also have decent navy for people to ask in guild chat for future fishing/underwater mining. 

If  you are worried about trade runs quest we have stockpiled materials to help you catch up and we will gladly as a guild take you across the waters to finish it. 

Again on behalf of the Officer Team like to Thank You all! 

Freya, Saint, Derp, Cynath,Micro and InfiniteEVO
Thanks to Dullo he recorded a video of a fight that happen yesterday at a mass illegal farm against 20 other players. 

Reason for the brawl in the first place was because they attacked Raganork earlier in the day for just looking around and trolled him. 

We do not tolerate harm against our members and anyone do so will be punished.

Hello girls & guys we are now opening recruitment for ArcheAge 

If you love to part of a organised PvP Semi-Hardcore guild then look no further!  
pop an application in on our website or come on teamspeak and have a friendly chat and ask questions to see if this is right place for you, the following list gives an idea of the what we are looking for.

In ArcheAge, we have specific goals in mind once the game launches:

- Sieges
- World Bosses
- PvP respect and recognition.
- Economic success and sustainability.
- Top tier crafters.
- Trading
- Naval fleet

Looking forward to hearing from you!  

We are currently playing on the Shatigon&Kyprosa EU servers East&West, and also playing on server Alpha for alpha testing,  known as Zodiac Empire!  ps (Won't be playing East on release!) 

Current/Old Zodiac Gaming Members, if you would like to move across, please let your 
leader know for your current game so we can work transfer out. 

Our relaunched social events night went off to a fantastic start with FFXIV leader Vamo Elysian managing to get himself killed during a simple game of hide and seek! We had some clever cryptic clues leading up to the successfully tracking down of the hidden FFXIV Officers.

Congratulations go to Death Hill, Ui Hirasawa and Averil Jaenee! Each winner received a prize of GIL determined by the amount of participants in each round and a title rank within the FC which is theirs until the next Hide and seek event, in which case, it;s up to them to get into gear and defend it :P

A great night guys, thank you to all that attended and we hope to see you at next weeks social event - EORZEAN SUICIDE DARTS!
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